The outsider

Every family has at least one. I am one such individual. It was a never-ending uphill battle to prove that being different does not have to be a bad thing and that conformity should be a choice / conscious decision - not something that is forced down your throat in large volumes until you're ready to puke.

Black sheep

The question pertaining to what I intend to do with my life has been asked many times too often and the only thing that I have decided is that I don't need to make up my mind now already. In fact, I am starting to push the issue aside altogether and contemplating what I'll do with my next life rather - I think it helps if you're prepared.

Why am I addressing this now? No real reason. I just found this picture, thought it looked cool, uploaded and decided it would look stupid just sitting there, so I decided to add some words to it and ended up blabbing again. I'm really starting to think that life was meant to be this pointless and if that turns out to be the absolute reality, truth and secret to life and the answer to all those heafty philosophical questions then I'll be on top of the world. If that is not the case, then I suppose things carry on like they normally do and nobody really gives a fuck …